About Baby Evergreen Token

Baby evergreen token is an affiliate of evergreen token which forms the evergreen ecosystem with a sole aim of saving the planet earth through planting of trees.

It is low taxed , reward token on the binance network with simple tokenomics designed to rewards it's holders(6℅) in evergreen token. Inspired by the success of evergreen tokentoken, baby evergreen token seeks to incentivize new investors to buy in and existing investors to hold , hence building a strong community of investors.

Prior to saving the planet earth, baby evergreen bears the same utility as her predecessor ( evergreen token) planting 10 trees for every holder of token. There by indirectlycarrying evergreen token along side with her.

In the next phase of the project , baby evergreen token will form the center piece of the evergreen ecosystem , which includes Nft collections, staking, launch pads and other web 3.0 products and services.


Given the current climate crisis that the whole world is facing, there has never been a more important time to care about our environment. The COP26 summit, where world leaders gathered to discuss this crisis, highlighted the need for urgent action to be taken to protect our planet.

The team behind Baby Evergreen Token ($BEGT) recognizes the part that we all must play in facilitating a shift in attitude towards the environment. It is for this reason that we proudly launched Evergreen ecosystem as the world’s first environmental sanitation DeFi currency, combining the benefits of decentralized finance with a platform that will allow us to bring about worldwide change.

Through partnerships with global environmental agencies, our mission is to plant over 10,000,000 trees across the world as a means of reducing the devastating effects of deforestation. This will help preserve natural habitats and species diversity, and help strengthen the provision of ecosystem services. This will also help reduce both water and air pollution, thereby keeping the world evergreen.

Whether you are an investor, crypto-enthusiast or simply someone who wants to make a difference to the world around them – Evergreen ecosystem is the most important project to get involved in. No other token gives you the opportunity to earn an incredible 6% rewards from every transaction whilst simultaneously creating a safer environment. And of course, our locked liquidity pool, and innovative auto and manual buyback functions, help ensure a safe environment for investors too.


Our vision is to make the planet a safer place to live, for both us and for future generations, via the power of cryptocurrency. We will bring about positive change, providing a better, cleaner, greener world for all living species, specifically targeting areas affected by deforestation such as Indonesia, Brazil and Nigeria. As our environmental partnerships strengthen and our investors grow in number, our power to action change will increase exponentially.

As mentioned above, our Mission is to plant over 10,000,000 trees. We aim to assign 10 trees to every investor in this great project, meaning for every investor, 10 trees will be planted. Therefore, every investor in BabyEvergreen Token will be directly involved in helping make the earth a better place to live. Isn’t that amazing?

Baby Evergreen Token does not only intend to keep the environment green. Our contract codes are designed to keep the financial charts evergreen too, hence creating a safe environment for all investors with our innovative auto and manual buyback functions. Furthermore, our future utilities will boost reflections for $BEGT holders and allow our community to thrive.



100 Million



Evergreen Token Rewards









Dev Phase

  • Website Creation
  • Social Media Presence
  • Token Creation
  • Ads on various platforms
  • KYC With Pinksale
  • AMA With Pinksale
  • Presale
  • Liquidity locked with Pinksale
  • Launch
  • Social Media Boosting
  • 5000 Members
  • 2500 Holders

Marketing Phase

  • Ads on all google platforms
  • Influencers Marketing Push
  • Celebrities Promotions
  • 4000 Holders
  • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Logo on Trust Wallet
  • Coingecko Listing
  • Partnerships
  • Feg exchange listing
  • Chinese Marketing Push
  • Ads on All Crypto Website
  • 10000 Holders
  • Banner Ads
  • Cex Listing

Utility Phase

  • Partnership with tree planting organization
  • Partnerships with world environmental bodies
  • Donations for tree planting
  • Fully funded tree planting exercise to interested participants across all countries
  • Planting 200,000 trees
  • Baby evergreen play 2 earn games
  • Evergreen Token wallet
  • Evergreen Token app
  • Higher marketing budgets
  • Press conference on tree planting progress
  • 1,000,000 trees
  • Binance listing application
  • 10$ per baby evergreen token

Official partners

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Frequently Asked Questıon

Answering your questions. .

- is Baby Evergreen associated with Evergreen Token team ?

Yes, the team and developers of Evergreen Tokens are also behind the creation of baby evergreen token.the developers have been known to have worked on many successful projects in the crypto defi industry.

Baby evergreen token is an affiliate of evergreen token developed by same team of evergreen token(evergreen ecosystem) built on the binance smart chain network.

Baby evergreen was created to continue the mission of her mother, (evergreen token) taking her along with her while fulfilling their purposes of saving the earth though planting of trees.

Baby evergreen contract is written to rewards it's holders with a whooping 6℅ in evergreen tokens to all her loyal holders depending on the percentage you hold.

Baby evergreen token is just a continuation of evergreen token ( the world's first environmental defi token which aims in planting of trees 🌲🌳🌴to save the earth while rewarding it's holders)

10$ per token before 2023

Planting over 1,000,000 trees

Various play to earn games

Creation of evergreen ecosystem

1. Download Meta Mask Wallet
Simply visit & download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFi market. Remember to never share your seed phrase!

2. Fund your wallet
Purchase BNB or BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to fund your wallet. Those coins are used in the Binance Smart Chain.

3. Enable Browser
Go to DApps & click on PancakeSwap. Go to Safari and type in the URL:trust:browser_enable Open in Trust Wallet & you all set

4. Swap for BEGT! Bsc
Go to DApps & Click PancakeSwap. This is an exchange that allows users to Swap BNB with other DeFi tokens. Click currency & enter the token contract address.

Low Transaction Fee of 11 %

100 % Locked Liquidity

6% Rewards to Holders

Auto LP Acqusition

Auto Buyback

Audited contract

Real use case and Utility

Auto Burn to Reduce totaly supply and Increase the price value

24/7 Marketing Push

Yes the team is kyced and doxxed to third parties (Pinksale)

-12% Slippage (Don’t worry it always uses the minimum slippage)